Team Usa 55 Softball
Tony Corbin
  • Position
  • Second Base

  • Jersey:
  • 3

I never blame myself when I’m not hitting. I just blame the bat and if it keeps up, I change bats.

Yogi Berra


Slogan: The best pitch is any pitch I can get my bat on.

Like most softball players I started off in baseball. My Al Bundy claim to fame is hitting a home run off John Smoltz in Johnstown, PA at the All American Amateur Baseball Association. My older brother asked me to come play softball with his team one night after I got off the baseball field. That night I struck out three times swinging….wow. He pitched to me the next day and that night I played again and went 5 for 5.

I have played softball since 1986. I have played with some great teams and players over the years, but I can say senior ball has been some of the best times ever. My greatest moments have been winning a triple crown in Dalton, winning the World’s in Florida twice, and turning 17 double plays in one weekend tournament.

I have received 5 MVP’s, and numerous all-tournaments and all-worlds in the senior divisions. Some may think those rings are too big or gaudy, but I say, those things are damn fun to win!

Fun facts…I’m a taxidermist, my other passion is hunting, and these days I make myself work out.

I am very excited to play with Team USA 55’s this year!