Team Usa 55 Softball
Pat Hobbs
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  • 15

Respect all, Fear none.

John Wooden


I started playing church league ball at the age of 17 in 1981. I played mostly local tournaments in MD and PA during my younger years because money and career were more important to me than softball, but that never kept me from playing a lot of ball in leagues. I have played on some very good teams with a lot of good players and the occasional idiots which I could also be in my younger days but have met and become friends with a lot of people because of softball.

Accomplishments: I have been on teams that have won States/National and countless others in young men and senior ball. Played on a C team that played partial conference schedule which was fun at age 48 and led team in hitting (stats don’t lie). I like everyone else at this level has won my fair share of MVP’s, all tournament awards in young men and senior ball. That is fine but individuals don’t win tournaments.

The biggest accomplishment is the respect I have received from the players I have played with and against over the years and playing this long never having any real injuries other than the occasional pulled muscle is an accomplishment.

Senior ball has enabled me to continue playing without any pushback from my wife. I was getting pushed hard to stop playing and spend more time at our beach house but senior ball and the fact it is basically once a month will allow me to play as long as I am healthy so I will see everyone that can also stay healthy on the 70+ teams in 15 years.