Team Usa Softball
Mark Thomas
  • Position
  • First Base

  • Jersey:
  • 24

It’s blood, sweat, and sometimes tears.

Bob Hayes


Accomplishments: Being inducted into the USSSA (NE) Hall of Fame. Winning the Law Enforcement Worlds 4 years in a row and only losing 5 games with the Central Mass Lawmen. Winning the Worlds with Laservision. Signing my DeMarini contract to be on their Senior Advisory Staff.

Best team ever played with lower division: Bagley’s Electric (Paul Couture), Brien Oil and Sunnys Car Wash (Rod Hughes, Brian ‘Bowser’ Elleshauser, Randy Noe, John Cail, Jeff Wallace.)

Best team ever played with higher divisions: Laservision. Air Transit; (Brett Helmer, Mark Gabourel. Canadians; Jacques Millier & Mike McColman). The Pif with Beloli & Randy Noe; (Britt Hightower, Todd Martin, Doug Roberson). Seniors with Brian Patten/Team USA: Jeff Hall, Andy Purcell, Johnny Bailey, Dennis Rulli.

Best player[s] ever played with: Jeff Hall and Brett Helmer are the two best ‘strikers’ I’ve ever seen. Andy Purcell pitching and as a hitter.

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