Team Usa 55 Softball
Greg Donophan
  • Position
  • OF

  • Jersey:
  • 12

Accomplishments: My greatest accomplishments in softball was all the great friendships I have made in the 45 years of playing the game and most proud of is being able to still play the game I love. Also being named the MVP for the Triple Crown USSSA tournament at Disney. Also being apart of the Louisville Slugger Family was an honor.

Best team and player[s] ever played with: There are a few great teams I have played on 1. Pluto Reality/ Swimsuit outlet 2. Bell South/Bell Corp. 2. Central Mass Lawmen 4. Warthen Fuel/ABS. There are so many great players I have had the pleasure of playing with or against. To name a few Bruce Meade, Bobby Baines, Lee Bagget. There are so many more who inspired me and was teammates and friends.

Favorite place to play: Nashville, Tennessee on the Law enforcement circuit awesome fields and great people.

In my 45 plus years of playing this game I love I have made so many friendships along the way and got to meet so many great players men and women. To win five consecutive world titles with the Mass Lawmen was a great accomplishment in my career in softball. There is only one thing left I need to do is be inducted in the hall of fame and my career would be satisfied.