Team Usa Softball
Andy Purcell
  • Position
  • Second Base/ Pitcher

  • Jersey:
  • 19

Progress always involves risk. You can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first.

Frederick B. Wilcox


I started playing softball in 1992 after I was done playing college baseball I started playing at the D level with my friends and quickly learned there was a major level of softball and that motivated me to make it to the top level. I began to play tournaments and eventually would make it to the major level.
  • In 1996 I was on a team called KC/Cuervo and we immediately were bumped to the B level and thats where the rise to the major level really took off. we were the top rated B team ion the country but did terrible in the B world
  • 1997- played with Sunnyvale Valve at the A level. we took 3rd in the A world
  • 1998- Sunnyvale Valve. won the A world and received co mvp of that world
  • 1999- Sunnyvale Valve. played AA and had a great year but did not win the AA world
  • 2000- Sunnyvale Valve. played AA again and the 1st year of playing the major world series
  • 2001- Long Haul Trucking..picked up by TPS signature team and my 1st year on a major team. won my 1st major world series
  • 2002-2016- Resmondo Softball... won 10 usssa major world series in that time and considered one of if not the greatest team dynasties in history
  • 2017-2018. Smashit Sorts- won the 2017 usssa major world series
  • 2019- TDB. took 3rd in major world series
  • 2020- Dan Smith Softball... season to come

Personal Accomplishments

  • One of only 4 players to ever win the grand slam of softball in history. Did it twice, once in 2001 and again in 2003. The grand slam of softball was winning the USSSA,ASA,ISA, and NSA major world series in the same year
  • Tied for the most USSSA major world all world teams at 14
  • 5 conference USSSA season MVP awards
  • The most USSSA¬†major world MVP awards in history with 4
  • The most USSSA major world series wins with 12
  • Inducted to the USSSA national hall of fame in 2009
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