About Us

We are an elite senior softball team with some of the best players in the world playing other best senior softball players/teams.

Team USA Senior Softball 50

Team USA Senior Softball 55

Empowered by : Our New England Sponsors

Team Videos

Dennis Rulli Miken/Worth Sports

Jeff Hall Hits a 500 Foot Home Run

Johnny Bailey Senior Softball

Who is Team USA Senior Softball?

SIS Team USA Softball was created in 2017. We won the world series in Las Vegas on Oct 7, 2018 and went on to win the ISSA worlds in Richmond, VA on August 11, 2019.

Today we exist because of our sponsors. We would also like to thank Demarini, Louisville, Wilson, Easton, and SIS to name a few. Our team is made up of those who live in PA, RI, MA, MD, DE, CA, AZ, NC, & FL. We are armed with some of the best players in the country – Johnny Bailey, Jeff Hall, Dennis Rulli & Andy Purcell. In October 2020, we will be adding more great players to our team; Willie Allen & Brett Helmer.